13 October, 2009

Dog Wale uncle and Thoughts

This is Todays Breaking News.

Yes you have guessed it correctly.
The City is no longer safe for those software professionals who sometime forget to sleep at night and have to go to their favorite tea stall in the morning to ensure that they don't  fall asleep at 6 in the morning.
Be Patient. We are going to reveal the true facts about this infamous uncle and his Dog who are being pursued by police of 5 states.

Hmmmmm..............I know  you really hate India TV. So  do I.
But this Uncle Ji and his unleashed Dog are really there. It happened today at around 6:30 in the morning.
I was standing against my Bike sipping tea and puffing at the usual Tea Stall I go to. I saw a monster of a domestic dog  walking past me. I noticed the dog was unleashed, and the uncle ji who owns it was following it with the open reins in his hand.
Both uncle ji and the monster dog were lookalikes. Both of them had high BMI ratios so to speak. Uncle ji was wearing a white T shirt with some caption written on it and a navy blue nicker accompanied by the contemporary shoes. I was not happy seeing both these creatures unleashed especially the dog who was barking all the way and scaring out the people out on morning walks.
                                                                     I felt like asking this careless Uncle ji about his foolishness. By than, Uncle Ji had passed by me and the caption on the back of his T Shirt which was visible now explained it all.
I was not suprised at the intellect of Uncle ji as the caption said


I would not be surprised if the tomorrow I'll see Uncle Ji going on a morning walk wearing a miniskirt and sitting on the Dog itself and singnig Linkn Park songs, cause he is a  man incapable of use the thought process.