21 April, 2009

On Shekar Suman

21st April: One of the news headlines of national daily in India says Sonia taller leader than Advani: Suman. Hereby, the news report says that because Ms Sonia Gandhi renounced the seat of Prime Minister in 2004 post election scene , she therefore is a leader of greater honour and statures. He even goes on calling Mr. L.K. Advani a "Selfish" politician and suggests him that considering his age he should actually have stepped aside fro a younger leader from his party to lead in the elections.
There are various points which can be pondered on Suman's so called election stunt.

If what Mr Suman says is right than

1. Any senior citizen politician who wants to lead his party in a election is a Selfish person. And, thus by that rule Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is also a Selfish person. No wait, he is actually a selfless person. And I think you know why, it's simple. It ain't him who is leading the party, is he.

2. Now forget about being in politics, let's talk about life in general. If any talented man, who is a senior citizen and he wants to do something, like he wants to direct a movie, he wants to release a music album, he wants to paint, or even if he wants to live to it's fullest, than according to our Great Philosopher Mr Shekhar Suman , he is just being a Ego Struck Selfish creature. Same may go true for M.F.Husan.

3. Another angel would be think about the sacrifice of Ms Gandhi. She denounced the Chair of PM and according to Mr. Suman makes her great. I have nothing against Ms Gandhi. I don't even know correctly the reason why she did not take the chair( pressure from alliances parties i suppose), but why exactly a Act of sacrifice is enough for being crowned with a status of Greatness.

I have trouble understanding Mr. Suman's thought cycle here. It's absurd and full of mediocrity play with words like that. What Happened in 2004 was purely a mathematics of politics, it certainly had nothing to do with Ms Gandhi sacrifice at all. A sacrifice is just denouncing something you like personally. And if Mr. Suman is suggesting that Ms. Gandhi scarified something in 2004, than he himself, unknowingly is calling Ms. Gandhi a selfish person.