09 November, 2009

How bad is MNS?


The unfortunate incident which took place in Maharastra Assembly is dangerous for the Nations Unity. I could not belive dipshit politicians can fight and make a scene over the preference of language for the oath. It's not that the MLA who was taking oath was a marathi (in which can he could have used Marahi) or that the language he preferred was not allowed for Oath (they do allow Hindi, English or Marathi), but  these 4 MNS MLAs took law in their hand in the vary place were Laws are made, is  that their so called Masters or Gangleader Raj Thakrey warned people not to take Oath in any other language but Marathi. And, these so called well wishers of Marathi Manoos simply followed their Master. Seriously, What the heck is that? Don't they have anything better to do.
The government and police in general are simple dumb. Why don't they took any action against Raj Thackrey when he goes with his warnings. He is simply tending to become a terrorist, accompanied by his blind followers. He is a bigger threat for India than any other terrorist Organisation.
By the way, has any one in MNS or for that matter Shiv Sena has any idea about something called Indian Constitution. I am sure some of their members have studied for 1 or 2 years in a School and might have sung the Rastra Gaan or recited the National Pledge. Oh wait! I think that's not the case. It is possible that these people might have their own pledges restricted to the welfare of the only Marathi Manoos, might even have a Flag which holds more impotance for them than the National Flag.

Seriously government of India should decide what to do with these MNS politicians.
And meanwhile , Let's shift the Indian Movie Industry to somewhere outside Maharastra. And lets teach a lesson to that MNS party speaker who gave interviews in the news today in Hindi. Lets make a rule, All the MNS members and people who support them are allowed to use only Marathi as a language. They can watch only Marathi Movies from Now on.

BS:  Raj is very happy with the bravery of his gang members on taking the heroic steps in the cause of helping Marathi Manoos.

08 November, 2009

Define Religion

Found this logical definition of religion while searching for material of a new post.(still searching).

"When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity; when many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion."
- Robert Pirsig (1948-)
So true. It reminds me of a line from the movie "Seven Years in Tibbet. It is "Religion is posion".

13 October, 2009

Dog Wale uncle and Thoughts

This is Todays Breaking News.

Yes you have guessed it correctly.
The City is no longer safe for those software professionals who sometime forget to sleep at night and have to go to their favorite tea stall in the morning to ensure that they don't  fall asleep at 6 in the morning.
Be Patient. We are going to reveal the true facts about this infamous uncle and his Dog who are being pursued by police of 5 states.

Hmmmmm..............I know  you really hate India TV. So  do I.
But this Uncle Ji and his unleashed Dog are really there. It happened today at around 6:30 in the morning.
I was standing against my Bike sipping tea and puffing at the usual Tea Stall I go to. I saw a monster of a domestic dog  walking past me. I noticed the dog was unleashed, and the uncle ji who owns it was following it with the open reins in his hand.
Both uncle ji and the monster dog were lookalikes. Both of them had high BMI ratios so to speak. Uncle ji was wearing a white T shirt with some caption written on it and a navy blue nicker accompanied by the contemporary shoes. I was not happy seeing both these creatures unleashed especially the dog who was barking all the way and scaring out the people out on morning walks.
                                                                     I felt like asking this careless Uncle ji about his foolishness. By than, Uncle Ji had passed by me and the caption on the back of his T Shirt which was visible now explained it all.
I was not suprised at the intellect of Uncle ji as the caption said


I would not be surprised if the tomorrow I'll see Uncle Ji going on a morning walk wearing a miniskirt and sitting on the Dog itself and singnig Linkn Park songs, cause he is a  man incapable of use the thought process.

10 October, 2009

Confession of a Bike Rider

Being a Bike Rider is tough. Especially if you live in a big city with broad roads and your bike is a contemporary powerful one.(anything above those 98 cc Honda)
There are a lot of challenges there in the road. And than, there is the bike itself.
I became interested amazing world of bikes through a blog called 2wheelsindia. Than, I bought a Honda Unicorn some 7 months back, and since than the bike has grown on me.
This bike has got 150 cc-engine, is in silver color and I never really cared about the millage until recently. In the first two months I was really careful while riding my bike, I seldom went past 75 K mph on it. But things changed by time.As days passed by, my favorite time-pass became wandering around the city on my bike. I also started noticing the other riders, and driver in their cars. Sometimes while at the Crossroads stops I would notice that other riders are looking at each others bikes and are kind of making acknowledgment for an unofficial race which would start as soon as the red light turns green. I often won those races thanks to my bike's fast pick up.

Than there were times when I would be riding my bike on Highways or Delhi's Ring Road and suddenly a Rider will go past me giving horn as if telling me that I can not go as fast as he can. More often than not, I will change gears and try to see if I can. Although, gradually I realized that following another rider just to prove that your bike has more power is complete insanity. I guess, that is the very thing which causes accidents. Than I became what I would call a Grown up Rider. I still would go up to high speeds but will cool down if need be. My Hands will always be touching the hand breaks ready to apply them in split second when it's necessary.

Approximately 3 months back I was riding around the Connaught place and I noticed a girl riding a Pulsar 150 cc. That was really wonderful. I did know earlier that girls do ride scooters and occasionally bikes but this was different. This girl was riding her bike with full confidence. She was wearing one of those helmets which have no Jaw guard and have a half Glass Shield. She was the most beautiful biker I had seen. I tried to follow her around the circular roads of CP discretely. On a second thought, my bike was going in the same direction and it was not really under my control. Than I pulled out of the trail, and the reason for the same is another story which can be dealt with later.

As days went by, I started waking up earlier in the morning to go on a ride. If you are a Bike Rider than there can be no other thing more joyful and soothing than riding your bike at the dawn in low speed with the glass shield of your helmet partially open. When the winds gushes through the open portion of your shield and than touches your face, you may as well feel like riding all day long.

Few Words of Unsolicited advice for all the Bike Rider: Do not fall in love with your bike. Friends, love is blind and surely is possessive. I made the mistake, and it became hard for me to give my bike to the servicing station for even 5-6 hours.I realized my mistake when my bike gave me a lot of inductions of a possible breakdown. I got it serviced finally and try to treat my bike just like any other rider should.

But you never know, True love never dies.....

08 October, 2009

Hitman: Afterthoughts on Violence

Repost from my Previous Blog.
Originally posted on:Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Monday I saw the film "Hitman" starring Timothy Olyphant . This Movie is based on the video game with the same name and is full of violence. There are numerous scenes full of blood.
I kind of liked this movie, as I did  like similar movies in the past, some of them include Kill Bill, Departed, and almost all the war movies. Now, after watching the movie I was kind of amazed by  the agility with which the main character agent 47 kills people. 47 is above human beings in terms of athletic ability as he along with other Hitman was operated back in there childhood to a considerable change in there chromosome .
So, was it the extra-human ability of the Hitman that was affecting or kind of mesmerizing me , or was it something else?
Human being always like what they we don't have. What we already have is within the reach of our hand, we just need to stretch it.

But what we don't have gives us a sense of challenge, or at least remain attractive and keep us longing.

The other day I was talking to Mr. Norman Robinson, one of our business client in UK, who was very disturbed by the continuous bad weather in the county, and wanted to come to India for vacation as the weather out here does not remain as cold as in UK.
I am sure if someone from India is given a chance to go UK on a holiday, would never decline. The cold weather is really tempting for someone living in a place with a temperature of almost 30 degree celcius most of the time in the year.

Coming back to Hitman, I can figure out that the reasone I liked the movie is the same which makes me like or sometime fantasies about movies like Spiderman, Batman, Superman or other immortal character's flicks .

Does it not mean that I am still a child by mind! But a film full of blood can seldom be a child' choice.
Moreover, am I or are WE not satisfied with what powers or we normally possess?
Are we in a way ashamed of what we lack?
I think there is no collective answer to that.

05 October, 2009

People and Prejudice: Lesson from Kevin Skinner

I just spent almost 3 hours watching Kevin Skinner's (winner of the America's Got Talent 2009) videos on Youtube. And a thought crossed my mind ( as the line of the song he sang goes). It is why exactly people are prejudiced about other people( and things in general).

Kevin comes to the audition wearing a Jeans, a pullover and a cap which is pointing backwards. He is greeted by one of the judges and is asked about his work. As the guys says that he has been a Chicken Catchers throughout his life(major part), all people start laughing hysterically. Even before this, while he entered the stage, the other male judge gave a loathing facial expression. And what more, even before Kevin had said two sentences, the female judge declared that he sucked. (By the way, way back I saw on Discovery channel showcase or whatever they call their programs, that a woman is less reserved about trying new things as compared to a man. I think the nonsense conclusion is not correct, or has some exceptions, or perhaps has far too many exceptions to called so anyways).
The judges made some more jokes, crowed laughed some and finally they gave the guya chance to sing.
And boy, what did Kevin Do. Accompanied with his guitar, this guy sang the stripped cover for the Garth Brook's song "If tomorrow never comes" , and what a cover it was. It was spellbinding from the word go. In this video of Kevin's audition you can see the sudden impact the song had on the crowd and judges, the laughter suddenly changed to the singular astonishment. Their mouth which were open laughing were still open, the difference being that they were watching something totally unexpected. And the rest is the history( he won the competition and is hopefully working for his tour and an album).
I spent a lot of time finding the original version of the song and other cover versions. Here is the Garth's original version and this is the version from Ronan Keating's Album. If you watch the kevin's video and compare it the other two, you can see that Kevin's version is full of soul and emotion and stands equally with the two great professional versions.

Now another example of the Prejudice is easily seen in the Susan Boyle's audition for Britain's got Talent. Same thing happens there.

Wops! Perhaps I forgot the Post's Title( I guess everyone will when the see the video.)
Coming back it :
Everyone (including me) approach any new thing with their past experience in mind. Which off course is a good thing. We are beings with a very capable brain facility which should be used while we access situations and things. But this facility can be very misguiding. Rather, I should say misuse of this facility is misguiding. For example, if I have used a cell phone earlier in my life, I should be able to use a new cell phone based on my past experience of such devices. But than I should be open and ready to get accustomed to any new and unknown features in the phone. However, some people (okay, most people) would just not do that. They have almost decided not to accumulate any more information( because they are either lazy or overconfident) and they just won't like to know how to use the new features). And than we hear complaining about the Touch-phone facility in phones.

Keeping preconditioned attitude about non human object is fine to a degree( that too can be dangerous), but than keeping the same attitude towards a Living Person is just pathetic and unfortunate. Because deep down, the person possessing such feelings would treat oneself no different. He has set the standards for the acceptance of the abilities of others and thus has created a bar leveling the them. And while accessing his own abilities in need, this person would collide with this bar and will not find confidence to move on.
In other words, a person can not set two sets of values and visions, i.e, one for himself and the other for the outer world. Cauz it just won't work..
We really can't fool our mind.

12 May, 2009

Satyanarayana Katha Aka illogical Blunder

The most common mistakes while using Loops in programming is the Infinite Recursion or simply Recursion, where in a function keeps calling itself endlessly. Than there is other phenomenon called Nesting which should be wisely used.
However, when we look at any ancient hypothetical story, most of the logic issx usually wanting.
The case which substantiates the above sentence is the Satyanarayana Bhagwan's Katha. Now, I still remember when I was studying in 8th standard perhaps, women in my neighborhood would keep a fast and in the evening they would gather to recite the Katha. One year, they asked me to recite the Katha for them. Perhaps my Hindi and Sanskrit pronunciation was very good or I was the only fool around. I recited the whole story and was utterly confused by the nuisance of illogical events of the story even in that age.
Coming to the point, the Katha is divided in 3 parts, and each one of them has a single common character called "Narad".

The plot for the three stories are:
  1. A poor, old and ailing Brahman as well as an impoverished woodcutter, had all their wishes fulfilled, became prosperous, and ultimately attained salvation by the correct and devotional performance of the Sri Satyanarayna fast and puja.
  2. A childless merchant is suggested by the King to keep the Satyanarayan fast and Katha. His wife decided to perform the fast if they get a child. Fortunately she does get pregnant and delivers a child, but her husband forget to keep the Satyanarayna fast, and thus they are struck by ill fate. Off course when they realize their mistake and keep the fast, the tide turns.
  3. A king while returning after Hunting (alas! he must have been tired) and thought of taking some rest beneath a tree. He was offered some prashad by some cowherd boys who were performing a Satyanarayna puja for fun ( in the middle of jungle I believe). Now the king refused to take the prashad (dude, the boys were playing, wasn't they). And yes, the same ill fate and suffering great losses formula follows here as well.
Now after considering the three sub plots or stories can we actually know what the REAL story is? The answer is a big flat, NO. The three stories are actually talking about different sets of people who keep the Satyanarayna fast and recite the Katha. But then again it's not mentioned as to what on earth the Katha is. For consideration, a concise example following the Katha is another hypothetical story. It goes like
"there is a story called "A", the story goes that there was a guy called XYLINA who was a writer, he wrote a story called "A". In his story he wrote about a famous 19th philosopher who again wrote a masterpiece story and yes, you guessed it right, the title of the story by famous man was "A"." Doesn't make any sense does it, so doesn't the actual masterpiece.

The story is just a benchmarking example of "wrong nesting" and "recursion". It also signifies the blunders in Hindu religion which are the gift of Puja-Karm Kaand and Vedic Period in the Indian history. Some keynotes and examples form the Katha itself can summaries the deductions:

  • Narad goes to Sri Vishu asking about the Katha( so the dude obviously doesn't have a clue about the Katha himself). However the 1st story starts with him as a protagonist. Now this is BAD nesting man, ahhh! Unless Narad is suffering from Amnesia he must remember the story, and should not bother Mr. Vishu about the same.
  • Since when women starts getting pregnant after keeping a promise. Com'on man! that's a complete Bull Sh... However, as a very knowledgeable blogger Crstal says about mythological girls, any thing and everything is possible about them.
  • In first story the poor human soul got secret news about a good business for making good bucks overnight( the Katha) and it helped him nonetheless, what confuses me is the amusing fact that why this line of business is not practiced anymore, and even if it is followed than why don't we here about the same results. Recession I Guess!

21 April, 2009

On Shekar Suman

21st April: One of the news headlines of national daily in India says Sonia taller leader than Advani: Suman. Hereby, the news report says that because Ms Sonia Gandhi renounced the seat of Prime Minister in 2004 post election scene , she therefore is a leader of greater honour and statures. He even goes on calling Mr. L.K. Advani a "Selfish" politician and suggests him that considering his age he should actually have stepped aside fro a younger leader from his party to lead in the elections.
There are various points which can be pondered on Suman's so called election stunt.

If what Mr Suman says is right than

1. Any senior citizen politician who wants to lead his party in a election is a Selfish person. And, thus by that rule Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh is also a Selfish person. No wait, he is actually a selfless person. And I think you know why, it's simple. It ain't him who is leading the party, is he.

2. Now forget about being in politics, let's talk about life in general. If any talented man, who is a senior citizen and he wants to do something, like he wants to direct a movie, he wants to release a music album, he wants to paint, or even if he wants to live to it's fullest, than according to our Great Philosopher Mr Shekhar Suman , he is just being a Ego Struck Selfish creature. Same may go true for M.F.Husan.

3. Another angel would be think about the sacrifice of Ms Gandhi. She denounced the Chair of PM and according to Mr. Suman makes her great. I have nothing against Ms Gandhi. I don't even know correctly the reason why she did not take the chair( pressure from alliances parties i suppose), but why exactly a Act of sacrifice is enough for being crowned with a status of Greatness.

I have trouble understanding Mr. Suman's thought cycle here. It's absurd and full of mediocrity play with words like that. What Happened in 2004 was purely a mathematics of politics, it certainly had nothing to do with Ms Gandhi sacrifice at all. A sacrifice is just denouncing something you like personally. And if Mr. Suman is suggesting that Ms. Gandhi scarified something in 2004, than he himself, unknowingly is calling Ms. Gandhi a selfish person.